Rein Associates, Inc. was founded in 1977 to provide support and guidance in the complicated field of direct mail marketing. Rein Associates founder, J. Michael Rein, is recognized as one of the nation's top experts in the field, and is called upon regularly by the United States Postal Service to consult, teach and train postal service employees on the intracacies of direct mail marketing.

Why use Rein Associates?

So, why would you need to call Rein Associates? Because direct mail is complicated. The rules are always changing, and a minor slip up in design or list management could cost you thousands of dollars. Whether you're mailing 1000 letters to members, designing a 25,000 piece solicitation, or mailing a corporate annual report, Rein Associates will help you receive the maximum postal savings and get maximum results.
Anticipate problems BEFORE they happen
Find design flaws that could cost thousands BEFORE your piece is printed
Locate and manage the exact mailing list for maximum results

Ask our Satisfied Clients. From concept and copy writing through design and printing… from list acquisition through lettershop and mailing services, Rein Associates will help you save money on your direct mail marketing and achieve high response.

Rein Associates specializes in analyzing each segment
of your direct mail program to help you achieve maximum savings
with maximum results.
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